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What is “baruasamaj.com”

Baruasamaj.com is an online portal for the entire Bengali Barua community. This website would serve as a Vastipatrak (বসতিপত্রক) for the members of the community to connect with each other. Through this website, any member of the Barua community could find other members of his or her community with whatever little information he or she has about the person or the family living here in India or abroad.

Serving as a common platform for the community “baruasamaj.com” provides you with the vital information about the community, its people, their culture, traditions and rituals – all at one place.

Why “baruasamaj.com” is created

In today’s world, life has become very fast-paced and people are so much pre-occupied with their own personal lives that they just do not have enough time to interact with their own community. As a result, over a period of time they lose contact even with the people they were once very close to. The divide created by such ‘disconnection’ is felt when one needs to find a suitable match for their daughters/sons within the community. Lack of information and contacts makes it really difficult for the parents to verify the credentials of the family of the prospective bride/groom.

This website could also be helpful to the people visiting places for the first time where he or she has no ‘known contact’. Finding a person from one’s own community could be of a great help at times.

One of the positive points of this fast-paced world is that people are more technology savy now and they use all sorts of technologies to communicate/ interact with the world. ‘Baruasamaj.com” has been created with the aim to bring the Barua community on an online common platform.

Please come forward and promote this website to help us make it better and more useful to the Community. Suggestions are welcome at baruasamaj@gmail.com


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