Jehanabad was a Sub-District of District Gaya till 1986 when it was carved out of the said District and accorded the status of a full-fledged District on 01/08/1986. The plains of District Jehanabad are watered by several seasonal rivers and rivulets like Galgu, Morhar, Dardha, Jamune, Baldeia and Ganghar. Ancient archaeological ruins are found in Barabar and Nagarjuni Hills of the District.

Main Tourist Spots: Barabar Hills has seven grand caves crafted with hardest granite. The surface inside the caves is amazingly polished like glass – a visual delight for the visitors. Descriptions of the caves can be found in Chinese traveler Xuanzang’s accounts. Apart from this, Nagargunja Caves and Lat Pillars and Mounds also attract tourists from world over.

Where to Stay: Sriram Hotel, PG Road (Mobile : 9431256935); Shalimar Rest Hosue, PG Road (Mobile : 9234541644); Taj Rest House, PG Road (Mobile : 9934610150); Muralidhar Rest House, PG Road (Mobile : 9939912355); Balaji Rest House, Court area (Mobile : 9431280046)

How to Reach: Jehanabad is linked both by Rail and Road routes. It is centrally located between Patna and Gaya (55 km. from Patna and 50 Km. from Gaya). Rail Route – Patna-Gaya section of the East-Central Railway (known as PG Line) passes through this District.

Best Time to Visit: October to March.


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